About Us

About Us

“Greta Group is a well diversified, reputed business house and a Global leader in Recycling.


Greta Group was formed as early as 1996 and since then, it has grown to become a force to reckon with. Greta Group has been well diversified in the field of recycling of metal-rich waste streams arising from end of life vehicles/ consumer products, industry and construction/ demolition. The Group also has its presence in the Agro business, Power Generation, Steel and Mining, in India. The strategic location of the factories has provided an added advantage of abundant raw material supply. To cater the market efficiently and competitively, the company has expanded across the globe. The group employs over 100 people and operates at 9 locations around the world.

A team of hard core executives of the company with the able guidance of the top management has been putting all efforts to bring about better efficiencies in satisfying clients. The company has been successful to serve various Industries in a very short span due to consistent quality, timely delivery and best services. The company is having state of the art infrastructure to support & strengthen their businesses.

On its road to growth and expansion, the Group is also conscious about its responsibility towards environment and social development. With the support of the Committed Team and Management, the Group is moving forward to establish a global leadership position in each of its businesses.”